Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chris and Rihanna prove they are still diamonds in the sky

Riri is definitely not one to hold her tongue following her response to all the haters that think she was 'as damn as a rock',as Fashion police's Joan Rivers put it,to get back together with Chris Brown.But Chrihanna proved they are still shinning bright like diamonds,as Rihanna instagrammed a picture of herself and her boo-boo enjoying a convertible ride.Chris was spotting a backward cap and a huge grinn on his face,as Rihanna cosyed up to him.We loved the big Chanel bracelet Riri was rocking, but do we think getting back together with the very guy that disfigured her face and allegedly wears a tatoo of her battered face on his neck,was her most prudent decision yet?Well whatever your opinion,Rihanna had one comment; 'If it's a mistake,it is my mistake!' So give the poor girl a break,everybody makes mistakes;everybody has those days.

Selena Gomez Trouble With Religion

    Justin Beibers ex seems to be following in his steps of getting into controversy. The 20 year old former Disney star took to the stage at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS to perform her hit song; COME AND GET IT in a red dress and a bindi decoration on her forehead. The bindi is said to be an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance: sometimes referred to as the third eye and the flame -the leader of the Universal Society of Hinduism,Raja Zed,explained.This got her into trouble with the religious leaders, who demanded an apology and a good number of fans that took to tweeter to register their disappointment in the pop-star.Meanwhile,Gomez is hardly the first hollywood celebrity to try Hindu culture on for size;Julia Roberts,Katty Perry,Madonna,Gwen Stefani,Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson have been trailblazzers in the sector.
         Gomez has not tweeted or issued any official response to the controversy, but perhaps the fact that she wore a bindi again to perform the same song on the Ellen Degeneres show, suggests the positive feedback has overweighed the negative and she seems to be living in the moment of the success of her song. Who can blame her, getting props from legends like Britney Spears who took to tweeter to say-'Wow,@SelenaGomez, COME AND GET IT on the #Mtvmovieawards was icredible!One of my favorite songs out there right now,' And her besty Demi Lovato was not short of praises either.The,AMERICA'S Got Talent, judge tweeted-' obsessed with COME AND GET IT,@Selenagomez,so happy for you lady #literally on repeat!#We can only hope that Selena will return the favor of the kind words about Demi's new hit single HEART ATTACK. This song; COME AND GET IT, is all the hype right now. So seriously, if you do not have it on your iPod yet, GO AND GET IT! It’s relieving to see all the time Selena's been putting in, at the studio, after breaking up with JB, is paying off; well for you girl: Jst stay free off cultural controversy!

Monday, 18 March 2013

lil-wyne is sick

Conflicting reports about Lil Wayne's health condition have been circulating ever since the rapper was rushed to the hospital to be treated for severe seizures on Tuesday, March 12. He was released on Wednesday, but quickly readmitted after his bodyguards found him unconscious on the floor several hours later.
he has been surrounded by friends and family since he was first re-admitted on Wednesday, March 13 
including bold-faced names like Nicki MinajDrake and Birdman